Province reaches deal on Springbank off-stream reservoir

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 | Calgary-Elbow, Greg In The News

“Alberta Party MLA Greg Clark was also in attendance at the announcement inside the McDougall Centre, and he echoed the sentiments shared by the Minister.

‘140 years ago should we have put the city somewhere else? Maybe. But this is where we put the city of Calgary, and so the only viable option is to build the Springbank off-stream reservoir.’

Clark added that hopefully this deal would quiet some opposition and spur other landowners in Rocky View to allow the purchases.”

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Calling for a review of The Election Commissioner’s budget

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 | Alberta Party, Calgary-Elbow, Greg In The News, Press Release

The Alberta’s Elections Commissioner is conducting an unprecedented number of investigations. Today I asked for the committee that oversees his budget to ensure his office has the resources he needs to do his job.

“I have written to MLA Shepherd asking that the Standing Committee on Legislative Offices review the budget allocation for the Election Commissioner, both for this fiscal year as well as the next fiscal year.

The commissioner is currently dealing with a number of investigations into possible misconduct, and my concern is that the number and complexity of these investigations could be taxing the limited resources they have available.

It is incredibly important that Albertans are able to trust the integrity of the democratic process, and properly funding the office of the Election Commissioner is part of ensuring that trust.”

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Encouraged by Progress on Flood Mitigation

Friday, February 1st, 2019 | Alberta Party, Calgary-Elbow, Greg In The News

“Springbank is the only viable project that will protect downtown Calgary, human life, taxpayer-funded infrastructure and river communities,” said Clark. “I’m hopeful this will create momentum for a project that has taken far longer than anyone hoped.”

Clark noted that the acquisition respects the history the landowners have with this property and ensures existing ranching operations can continue.

“The Robinson family deserves thanks for recognizing that Albertans are in this together,” said Clark. “I’m pleased to see the purchase agreement honours the family’s long history on the land and preserves their cattle business, along with heritage buildings.

“But we’re not there yet. The regulatory process is moving very slowly, and the government needs to work as quickly as possible to get this project built and to see our community protected,” said Clark.

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Alberta Party calls for Speaker to investigate NDP MLA

Thursday, January 24th, 2019 | Alberta Party

Constituency staff are non-partisan government employees. When MLAs force them to use their taxpayer-funded time for partisan purposes, there should be consequences.

My colleague Karen McPherson deserves kudos for her persistent efforts to get to the bottom of this.

MLA Rosendahl’s behaviour raises two questions:

1) How does the NDP, who are supposed to be champions of workers everywhere, tolerate bullying of an MLA’s staffer?

2) Why have the UCP been silent? Do they have skeletons they don’t want escaping from their constituency closets?

I think Karen said it best:

My bigger concern is that this issue is looking like a larger pattern of behaviour from the government, with harassment and bullying to the point that staff – and even MLAs – are leaving, while these matters continue to be covered up.

For this worker to be fired after she filed a complaint with the Public Interest Commissioner – a last resort – is shameful and ironic, because such actions would not be tolerated in the Alberta Public Service under the government’s own new whistleblower protection legislation.
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