Alberta Party Supports The Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 | Alberta Party, Flood Mitigation, Policy, Press Release

Earlier today, The Alberta Party released it’s policy to continue the current process for building the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir project without any changes or delays. As you know this is an important project not only for me, but for residents of Calgary-Elbow.

“An Alberta Party government would ramp up negotiations with impacted landowners to acquire the land required for the project. Greg Clark, Alberta Party candidate for Calgary-Elbow added that fulsome, two-way consultation with Indigenous people is a priority:

“We are confident that if we use the Trans Mountain ruling to guide us, the regulator will approve this project.”
As an MLA, Clark fought for proper flood mitigation from the very beginning. He worked with the PCs to push this project from 2013 to 2015, and also helped convince the NDP that Springbank was the right choice after his was elected in 2015. The Alberta Party is committed to SR1, and under an Alberta Party-led government it will be built.

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Corbella: Greg Clark shines a light on NDP’s biggest scandal

Friday, March 29th, 2019 | Greg In The News, News, Opinion, Policy

“Clark is one of those rare opposition politicians who actually knows every government file he talks about with incredible detail. Ask him about electricity and prepare to be energized by a passionate discussion about balancing pools, power purchase agreements and the like.

Indeed, Clark says if he had his way, he would hold a royal commission into the Alberta “NDP government’s single biggest scandal” — its meddling with Alberta’s electricity system that led to the en-masse resignation of all but one member from the electricity balancing pool and has cost Alberta taxpayers $2 billion while getting nothing in return.

Just because electricity is so easy to use doesn’t mean it’s easy to understand, but Clark clearly does and is adept at describing what happened.”

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