Flood MitigationThe 2013 flood devastated Calgary-Elbow, and Greg has fought from day one to make sure it never happens again. As a co-founder of the Calgary River Communities Action Group Greg has the history and experience to manage this complex file no matter who forms the next government. He has ensured that support for the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir is official Alberta Party policy, and as government we will push ahead with this critical project.

As MLA, Greg has held the government’s feet to the fire to make sure they chose the best project to protect Calgary-Elbow and the economic engine of downtown Calgary. Greg worked hard to ensure the NDP changed their mind and abandoned the McLean Creek option they had campaigned on in 2015 in favour of the far superior Springbank project. He has been there every step of the way as the project slowly (far too slowly) works its way through the regulatory process, and with your support, he will see this project through.

Jason Kenney says he needs to hear from “experts” before he decides whether the UCP will support Springbank. How many more experts does he need? There are THIRTEEN independent studies that show Springbank to be superior in every way to McLean Creek. The small number of landowners who need to sell their property to protect downtown Calgary and our historic river communities will receive payouts to the full fair market value of their property…that’s over $140 million dollars to just 20 landowners!

Governments regularly acquire private property when there’s a strong public interest. Can you think of a stronger public interest than a 3-to-1 cost-benefit payback from a project that will preserve human life, protect the central business district of city of more than a million residents, and save billions in public infrastructure?

Make no mistake, urgent projects like flood mitigation aren’t built as political favours. They’re built because it’s the right thing to do.

Re-electing Greg Clark is the best way to ensure that the Springbank flood mitigation project is built.

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