NDP, UCP gang up to cut funding to smaller parties, independent MLAs

Friday, February 15th, 2019 | Opinion, Press Release

The NDP won’t always be government, the UCP won’t always be a big opposition (remember what is now the UCP started with just a single MLA), and for sure the Alberta Party won’t always be a small party.

But Alberta will always need capable opposition, and the resources required to hold government accountable and to propose better ideas.

Today, the NDP and UCP conspired to cut research funding to the Alberta Party caucus by 60% and cut independent MLA funding by 37%, while at the same time increasing the NDP budget and keeping the UCP flat.

This is especially rich given that at four separate times in Alberta history the NDP have had only two MLAs, including in 1982 under Grant Notley. Oh, and 2008 when Rachel Notley and Brian Mason were the only two ND MLAs.

No government (or opposition) should change the rules to further their own narrow, short-term interests. But that’s what the NDP and UCP did today. It’s shameful and wrong, and Albertans won’t stand for it.

The NDs had an opportunity to update the rules that govern the structure and function of the Legislature for a generation. Instead, they chose to collude with the UCP to lock in their perceived advantage.

It’s a sad day for democracy.

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Calling for a review of The Election Commissioner’s budget

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 | Alberta Party, Calgary-Elbow, Greg In The News, Press Release

The Alberta’s Elections Commissioner is conducting an unprecedented number of investigations. Today I asked for the committee that oversees his budget to ensure his office has the resources he needs to do his job.

“I have written to MLA Shepherd asking that the Standing Committee on Legislative Offices review the budget allocation for the Election Commissioner, both for this fiscal year as well as the next fiscal year.

The commissioner is currently dealing with a number of investigations into possible misconduct, and my concern is that the number and complexity of these investigations could be taxing the limited resources they have available.

It is incredibly important that Albertans are able to trust the integrity of the democratic process, and properly funding the office of the Election Commissioner is part of ensuring that trust.”

You can see the full release here

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