The job of an MLA isn’t just to listen to people, it is also to take action. From the feedback received it’s gratifying to know they made a difference for the people in Calgary-Elbow and beyond.

When Greg talks with his neighbours in Calgary-Elbow, he hears over and over again about the health of Alberta’s economy. Many people have lost their jobs, taken reduced hours or a pay cut (or both) and many more worry about the future. As MLA, Greg heard what people said and have tried to do his part to help get them back to work.

Greg held four job events in his time as MLA, starting in October 2016. There were speakers who taught attendees interview and resume skills, and how to transition their talents to a new career. There was also a panel of experts who provided information on how to start a new business.

Greg received such high praise for this event, and economic conditions continued to remain poor, so he held a second event.

In March 2017, we held a forum to help navigate the new economy. The work force had changed significantly since many of the attendees had last looked for work, so we asked experts to provide tips on how to boost the chances of landing an interview and how to modernize a resume.

The third event was held in November 2017, which focused on Networking 101. The workshop taught people how to begin a conversation, ask appropriate questions, and follow up for results.  Attendees were encouraged to dress for success and come prepared with business cards and a 30-second pitch.

Finally, in October 2018 we held a forum focused on the needs of small business. We had heard from many small business in Calgary Elbow that the changes brought in by the NDP were having a serious impact and we wanted to hear how we could better support them. To maximize the audience (and deal with a brutal fall snowstorm) we held the event online. Viewers were able to listen to the speakers and send in their questions electronically, which expanded the audience significantly, and provided benefit to many.