“I hear about this issue more than any other from constituents in Calgary-Elbow and from Albertans that I talk with around the province. When I go door-knocking, there is frustration, there is concern, there is absolute anger that we find ourselves in a situation where Alberta has some of the most responsibly produced oil in the entire world, but we can’t sell it. We can’t get it out of the province. We can’t ship it.”

Greg Clark
Emergency Debate on Trans Mountain
October 29, 2018

Greg has been fighting for pipelines and energy jobs from the very beginning of his time in the Alberta Legislature. He has personal experience in energy, working directly in the oil and gas industry for nearly two decades before entering public service.

As your MLA, Greg never missed an opportunity to stand up for energy jobs, questioning the NDP in committee about their lack of action on Bill C-69, and asking nearly 20 questions in the Legislature on everything from bitumen differentials, value-added to the royalty review.

Greg knows the real story of Alberta energy, and he’s fiercely proud of Alberta’s track record on responsible energy development. He’s pushed hard to encourage the government to tell Alberta’s story to the world, to use this strength to our advantage. Unfortunately, they haven’t taken his advice.

Getting Alberta resources to market creates jobs in Alberta and in the rest of Canada, but it also helps us reduce emissions and solve the problems of tomorrow. Alberta energy producers have invested billions in emission reduction technologies, virtually eliminated the use of fresh water in SAGD processes, are aggressively shrinking tailings and have dramatically reduced the land footprint required for large industrial processes like oil and gas.

This is Alberta’s story, and all Canadians should be proud of the research and development coming out of Alberta. This not only helps us reduce emissions here at home, but all around the world. Alberta will use our entrepreneurial spirit to develop and sell these technologies to help solve climate change and other environmental issues all around the world.

But we can’t do that without pipelines. And Greg will not stop fighting until Alberta energy gets to market, and Albertans are back to work.