As a father of two daughters attending public school in Calgary-Elbow, education is a priority for Greg. As MLA he fought for smaller class sizes, advocated to ensure options like charter schools remain part of our public education system, stood up for inclusive education, and proudly voted in favour of GSAs.

Greg also stood up for parents and kids impacted by changes to bell times and bus routes, and re-zoning as a result of overcrowding.

When the NDP brought in Bill 1: An Act to Reduce School Fees, they excluded kids that attend “alternative programs”, including French Immersion. Greg heard from many upset parents, and in response held a town hall meeting and even attended a protest in downtown Calgary. Parents had safety concerns that instead of yellow school buses, children were now using public transportation, sometimes having to transfer several times.

To deal with the impact of the new funding model, many schools changed bell times. In some cases this meant Junior High schools and their feeder elementary schools had start times over an hour different from one another.  This made it very difficult for families with kids in both schools and had a negative impact on parents’ ability to maintain regular work hours.

Greg wrote to the Education Minister and the Calgary Board of Education to share parent concerns and encourage the government to revert to the previous year’s bussing schedule.  And, in May 2018 he hosted an open house with CBE trustees and invited parents to discuss their concerns with us. Later that month, in the Legislative Assembly, Greg shared what he heard.  You can view the exchange with the Education Minister here.

More recently, Altadore School has gone through an agonizing process to deal with overcrowding. In response to parent concerns, Greg wrote to the CBE asking that they consider alternatives like portables, and asked that they extend the consultation process to ensure all options have been considered. Greg has been engaged with parents and the community throughout the process, and regularly attends consultation meetings to ensure he hears directly from the community.